Sunday, December 25, 2011

Lost on Level 1

I've been playing for a couple days now, halfheartedly in an attempt to knock off the ole' cobwebs.  I originally tried playing Priest but my prayers even near death only seemed to anger my deity unfortunately.

I could barely remember how to play after so many years and NetHack uses a daunting list of keyboard commands so I've been keeping the Guidebook and the Wiki open while I play.  I am however trying to avoid spoilers for the most part and paying the price for what I can't remember.

So, I messed around a little but from hereon out I will keep an official tally of how many heroes I send to their death.

Starting now, this is my first.

Ye Dude:  Monk, Male, Human, Chaotic, Deity: Huan Ti

This time, the first floor of the dungeon presented a problem to me.  No stairs.
I repeatedly searched with no luck.  Fortunately, I had picked up a couple extra scrolls so I started reading.  As luck would have it the first scroll I read was a mapping scroll and revealed where the hidden door was that I was I searching for along with a large general store as well, which is incredibly convenient for level 1.

Using my dog, I stole a couple of spellbooks but did end up paying for a bag.

On level 4 I drank from a fountain and a water nymph popped out and stole a cursed genocide scroll from me.  I started with an uncursed genecide scroll as well.  Both of these can be quite useful.  Fortunately, luck was on my side again as I found a Floating Eye on the same level, killed it, ate it's corpse (sorry), put on a blindfold and then tracked down that thieving water nymph and got my scroll back.  Also, my tame pup has grown into a tame dog.

On Level 5 I found a Chaotic altar and took the chance to identify the BUC status of all my scrolls.  Moving on to Level 6 I found a gravestone, used my pickaxe to dig and somehow dug up my own corpse, "a corpse named Ye Dude.".  Unfortunately, I had no turn undead or wands to see how that would have worked out.

I also came across a spotted jelly and after whacking it a few turns then getting hit for 20 damage, I decided to leave it alone.  I also found a shop that was ridiculously infested with Mimics but managed to deal with them.

Moving down to Level 7 and some further exploring I came across a Horse.  I dropped an apple to see if I could tame it but the damn thing was biting me so I attacked it for about five turns until somehow this Horse landed a deadly blow on me.  So uh...note to self...avoid horses.

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