Wednesday, March 14, 2012

7DRL 2012 nears 50 entries with 3 days left!

With 3 days and some change left in 7DRL's 8th Annual challenge to make a Roguelike game in 7 days, competition entries are nearing 50!

I suspect we'll see some more Roguelikes pop up by or before the compo ends on the 18th. There are already what look to be some unique and interesting entries in the competition as well as a fair number of first timers to the competition.

To recap, there are no official prizes or places for 7DRL. If an entrant completes their game with the 7 days, then they have "won". There is only e-pride and e-fame at stake here but either way the outcome is fun and brings with it a ton of new Roguelike games and open source code sharing which is great for both players and developers.

Stay tuned to 7DRL news when on Sunday we find out, which games make the cut and who gets crowned as the next...IRON CHEF!
(Sorry, the wife was watching the Food Network last night.)

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